Created 27/12/2019 at 05:51PM

One problem that I had when setting up the SpaceMouse Enterprise was that it would be recognised by xorg as an actual mouse, so that it controlled the pointer and was useless as a 3D mouse. I tried several different methods to try and stop this behaviour, such as blocking kernel modules from loading, or writing udev rules. It did stop in the end, but I can't remember what I did to do it.

However, I found this page, which explains how to use xinput to send a command to stop this behaviour.

First, find the name of the SpaceMouse with:

xinput list

Then use the following command to disable the mouse behaviour:

xinput set-int-prop "3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise" "Device Enabled" 8 0

Fortunately, I have not had any mouse pointer issues with the SpaceMouse since before I found this tip, but I will be sure to try the solution if they show up again.