Created 24/12/2019 at 09:14PM

Now that I know that I can control the LCD, my next step is to consolidate the various steps and separate programs into a single library. The plan is to be able to read an SVG or PNG file or string and display it on the screen. If I can write a Python module to do it then it should be possible to incorporate it into FreeCAD so that the display can show various icons and menu options from the current workbench.

I opted to use librsvg, which is a Gnome project that can parse SVG and generate bitmaps that I can send to the SpaceMouse. I would have used the simpler - and less dependency-heavy - nanosvg, but it does not have text support, which will be needed for making a good-looking FreeCAD interface.

I followed some of the librsvg examples, and managed to get the Python library working. There are some errors that I still need to diagnose, but hopefully I can get them fixed and then finally try get a bit of use out of the SpaceMouse.

I wrote a quick extension for Inkscape, so that I can send images directly to the LCD from a menu. This will enable me to quickly test the appearance of various styles and layouts.

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